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This damn envelope holds the fate of my attending #IASHS in San Francisco this fall. I’m already accepted, now I just need the $$$ to flow at me from student loans. CROSS ALL OF YOUR INTERNAL ORGANS FOR ME. And pray to the sex gods. And, like, just wish me luck or something.

REgram @prairieoysterentertainment :

#SMUTfest14 Nipple Blitz July 24-26/noon-noon

A #queer, #feminist #porn fest isn’t complete without a set of sassy pins!

If you would like your nipple anonymously featured on SMUTfest pins, then send us your close up #nipple pic.

Nipples of all shapes, colours, genders and sizes are welcome. Hairy or not, we want’em all!

Send to:
OR: direct message us on Insta!

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